Participant newsletter 參加者通訊


CP1 鉛礦坳 ( 6.5KM) – 23.1KM 及 12KM

生果, 水及可樂 ( 待定)

CP2 黃竹洋路 ( 16KM) 23.1KM

生果, 水及可樂 ( 待定)


( 待定)


參加者注意事項 :

23.1 KM 路段 : X石及九肚山下山路段, 地形較濕滑陡峭, 極具挑戰性.
12 KM 路段 : 較適合越野跑入門新手報名



Participant newsletter:

Food and beverages from checkpoints

CP1 Lead Mine Pass (6.5km) – 23.1km & 12km

Fruit, water and cola (to be confirmed)

CP2 Wong Chuk Yeung Road ( 16 KM) 23.1km

Fruit, water and cola (to be confirmed)

Food and drink at Finish Point

(to be confirmed)

Participants’ notes:

* Some sections may be more slippery and need to pass jungle sections from X Rock to Cove Hill, participants are recommended to wear trousers and gloves during the race .