Rules & Regulations 規則與條款

1. 號碼布必須掛於胸前當眼位置,不允許掛於背後。 不能修改/裁剪/折疊號碼布,編號上的數字必須清晰.

1-a 參賽者必須保存4條手環(23.1km)及2條手環(12km)回到終點, 否則有被取消資格及不能獲得 “完成獎牌"

注意 : 手環有機會鬆脫掉落地上, 如有需要可保存在袋內

2. 不可在跑道上亂扔垃圾。 任何被發現/ 舉報於補給站以外拋棄垃圾,將被取消參賽資格。 兩個補給站處大會將提供垃圾袋.

3. 水站不提供樽裝水 / 水杯,參賽者必須自備水樽、盛載器具或水袋式盛水裝置(建議最少容量 1 公升 ),於補給站補充水.

4. 中途退出之參賽者,須向就近之檢查站 / 終點之大會計時工作人員報到(退出賽事) ,並留下你的參賽號碼,以便大會妥善紀錄.

5. 參賽者必須自力走或跑畢全程, 並依照路線順次序Kill標, 每個山頭會有工作人員記錄, 不準許走捷徑 , 參賽者只可在檢查站接受自行安排的支援隊的協助.

6.若參賽者於檢查站關閉時間前仍未到達,必須根據指示退出比賽, 自行到終點取回行李.

7. 任何抗議必須在比賽結束一小時之內提出,並同時向終點線總部支付200元港幣處理抗議.如反對有效, 主辨單位會退還手續費.

8.於賽道上,請留意若超前跑手,請向前方跑手示意前進路線.大家保持禮讓, 安全至上 .



11. 賽事總監 Toby Lo保留最後決定權.


1. Race number to be worn on FRONT of you. Not on your back. Number can NOT be cut or alterted and whole number MUST be clearly visable from front.

1-a. Participants must keep 4 wristband (23.1km) and 2 wristband(12km) back to the finish line, otherwise,

will be disqualified and can’t get finish medal.

2. No throwing any garbage of any kind on trail. Anyone caught throwing garbage on trail will be disqualified. Garbage  bag at least at 2 water checkpoints.

3. No plastic bottle to be taken away from water stations. You must bring your own hydration system or water bottle for refill. Cam2 sport will use large carboys so please bring a recycleable bottle for refilling.

4.Should you drop out you must notify the nearest checkpoint and leave your race number and report to Cp leader.

5.Participants must complete the marked course on foot under their own power.There will be staff records at each hill. Shortcuts are not allowed. Participants can only accept assistance from the support team at the checkpoint.

6.If the participants does not arrive before the closing time of the checkpoint, you must follow the instructions to withdraw from the CP leader and get back the baggage at the finish point.

7.Any objection about the result , please report to organiser within one hour after pass the finish line, and $200 will be charged for handling fee. If the objection is true , we will refund the fee to runner.

8. When passing please yell out and give warning to person in front of you “Passing on your left or passing on your right" Participants please keep polite and safe manner.

9.No abusive to race officials, volunteers, marshals, emergency attendants, other trail users.

10.The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the event rules and requirements, route and/or other arrangements  as they deem appropriate.

11.Race Director Toby Lo has final say on all matters.

Race Insurance:
Organizer has its own public liability insurance. This does not include personal accident of participants. We recommend that participants have your own personal accident cover.